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Income in Dollars, Please

Generating an adequate income from euro-denominated bonds is next to impossible, so investors should abandon the attempt. They should embrace currency risk – not try to hedge it away. They should enjoy the fact that US dollar yields are structurally higher than those in the Eurozone. This means owning long-dated Treasuries and dollar-denominated EM sovereign bonds. Finally, they should consider the source currency of their equity dividends and take another look at the Energy sector.  [Read More... ]

The Forgotten Country

Behind the US, Japanese equities have the second-highest, risk-adjusted returns over the last 1, 3, 5 and 10 years. Over the last five years, they have generated the fastest EBIT and dividend growth. They have the lowest pay-out ratio of the major regions (therefore most potential for growth). They have been our preferred equity region since early October and, as of this week, are ranked #1 in our combined asset allocation model.  [Read More... ]

Premium Valuation

Equity markets are clearly under pressure and lack obvious valuation or earnings triggers to move them higher. That has not stopped investors from inventing other reasons to buy them. The latest one is a wave of M&A. This week we look at some of the maths behind this story.  [Read More... ]

Day in the Sun

UK Commercial Property looks set to produce much better income growth than UK equities. And that’s before any future reduction in dividend forecasts caused by the strength of Sterling. This asset class is worth another look.  [Read More... ]

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