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Three Unrelated Ideas

Our models suggest that investors have decided to use Japanese rather than Eurozone Equities, as a way of funding their increased exposure to US Equities. US High Yield may be about to lose its #1 position in fixed income. Healthcare is about to be upgraded to overweight in the US and Europe. It is largely unaffected by the threat of a trade-war.  [Read More... ]

Masters of the Universe

The Fed review of banks was one of those moments which tells you how much history has changed. Before the global financial crisis who could have imagined any large US bank requiring anyone’s permission to do a share buy-back or pay a dividend?  [Read More... ]

Home Truths From Abroad

UK investors like their equity market. It’s liquid, well-regulated, not very volatile and it has a decent yield. All investors suffer from home bias towards domestic shares. Even though UK investors are less guilty than most, they may be surprised by the speed with which overseas investors fall out of love with London in coming months.  [Read More... ]

Premium Valuation

Equity markets are clearly under pressure and lack obvious valuation or earnings triggers to move them higher. That has not stopped investors from inventing other reasons to buy them. The latest one is a wave of M&A. This week we look at some of the maths behind this story.  [Read More... ]

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